We are happy people who all actually enjoy cleaning. 


We clean because we like to clean, believe it or not. Many of us find it to be meditative and a good workout. It is gratifying to see immediate results and changes in a living space, and we are happy to be helping out our wonderful clients. 


Allison geneser, owner

Allison, a native Austinite, began cleaning with Hummingbird (named Green Clean at the time) in 2009. She went on to manage it, and eventually purchased the company in 2012. She was able to finish an art degree during this time, and continues to pursue fine art and design in her spare time. 


madison somerville, administrative manager

Madison and Allison met in art school at the University of Texas at Austin, and reconnected in 2016. Madison has since been working for Hummingbird and now helps out with administrative work as well. She also has a photography business where she specializes in elegant black and white darkroom portraiture. 


leanna ford, operations manager

Leanna and Madison were friends through the Austin music scene and Madison recruited Leanna to work for Hummingbird in 2016. Leanna now also assists with consultations, training and quality control. In her free time she uses her honed eye for detail to create beautiful and unique jewelry.