We are happy people who all actually enjoy cleaning. 


We clean because we like to clean, believe it or not. Many of us find it to be meditative and a good workout. It is gratifying to see immediate results and changes in a living space, and we are happy to be helping out our wonderful clients. 



Josephine Sorvillo was raised in Brooklyn, NY and managed a law firm for 17 years. As a second career, she worked as a Senior Education Program Associate for United Way of New York. In her spare time, Josephine volunteered for a cat and kitten rescue in Queens, NY. In 2012, Josephine and her family moved to San Diego to escape the harsh winters. There, they owned and operated both a popular community magazine and a pet sitting business. The Sorvillos relocated to Austin in the summer of 2018 and their entrepreneurial spirit led them to Hummingbird EcoCleaning.



Jade Benning has been cleaning with Hummingbird since Summer 2017. She has three little kids and a pot-bellied pig. Jade also sells vintage clothing at weekend pop-ups and online, under the name Cobra Snake Vintage. Jade loves meeting new clients and their pets. She’s the first contact for potential clients.